A desk to call your own + Boobs – (it is safe for work)

Hey guys! I just got back from ducking in to see a good friend of mine in his new office space. He is renting a shared office in a rather eclectic building in the city, just on Burnett Lane. He shares a desk with his house-mate (and great guy) Kev, and I feel privileged having just seen it. It’s awesome. And what any young, aspiring creative should have. Basically, a bunch of Architects own the lease on the building, and they sub-lease it out to like-minded creatives who share the space for work, blogging and freelance activities. It’s genius! And you get a space to call your own, a stimulating atmosphere, you’re surrounded by interesting people, and you get to look at boobs while you’re trying to think (see below).

As you enter from Burnett Lane, you get to walk up these secure steps to the doorway – it already has an underground, creative vibe to it!

Inside the shared loft.

In Dave’s shared area. Cool windows.

Dave’s desk and bike.

And the man himself, working away at his desk, well, before I came in and distracted him.

Thanks for letting me come visit Dave – and I’ve never seen a man so appreciative of an iced coffee before. Enjoy mate!

Interior shots had bounce-flash added to bring the lighting levels up a bit, but I bounced towards the light source (windows) so the light was all coming from the same direction. Everything else was shot with the clouds making a nice soft light source today. Yay!

More to come…

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  1. This is pure awesome. I dream of working in a studio space like this one day. 🙂

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