Jumping around

Like an idiot.  We had a bit of a shoot outside our apartment last weekend and took some of these.  Nothing serious, we both just wanted photos of our shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.  I got mine from Solestruck.

I love this next one.

Jas’ new hat!

Nice, clean portrait

Jas wanted a shot of me – always in my 2nd hand flanno

And I just started jumping for joy in my new shoes!

My jumping made Jas laugh hysterically

She tried a jump… but almost broke her ankles!

So she just sat down for a rest.

Here’s another that I took of the wool covering the spikey balls in Brisbane. Thought it was cool.

Hope you enjoyed! More to come…

2 Replies to “Jumping around”

  1. Hahaha Kris + that mostache + that hat = Gondala boat guy. Some really good photos, very fun looking shoot.

  2. Haha my gondola boat rower. You should see him in a stripey shirt hehe

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