Twist Français

Apparently that is the Google translation for French Twist – and you know what, I reckon Google got it this time!  Haha.  Anyway, this blog is a delayed blog from the last weekend.  Before we headed to the Greek Festival, Jas and I rode to French Twist in South Bank for a sneaky coffee.  I love that place.  Everything is well decorated and has a really gentle, warm feel to it.  The lighting inside is amazing too.  I love getting coffee at French Twist.  I also love it when they have a little dessert/pastry to try on the counter.  I always try it.  Who wouldn’t?!

They really need to get rid of/move the bin.  Otherwise, A+ for how beautiful FT is!  Below, I’m staring at my coffee while Jas blogs away on her iPhone.  Damn I love technology!

I asked the girl serving us how they are not all fatties working at French Twist.  She laughed and said she wasn’t sure.  And I said, maybe you get fired if you put on too much weight.  The girl making coffee enjoyed that one – maybe she knows something we don’t know?

Still blogging!

I like finishing on beautiful sunlight photos.  This one is definitely a fav.

More to come…

5 Replies to “Twist Français”

  1. love the blog. Also, you have just instilled a massive desire to go to french twist.. I think you should actually do advertising for them.. and then push over their vespa..

    1. Hahaha. I know! I would go every day, but Jas thinks they’re too salty!

  2. I thought french twist was the name of your mustach!

    1. It could well be from now on Tim, haha thanks for the comment!

  3. At least it isn’t a plastic rubbish bin. If they got rid of the bag it would almost work…almost…

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