Amanda and Pete Attard

It’s hard to find words to describe how amazing Amanda and Pete are. They have so much love for each other, and everyone around them. Their love is palpable… contagious. It’s hard to translate my feelings into words, but those who know Amanda and Pete will agree; being around them is calming. Relaxing. Fun. I’ve […]

Self-Portraits are hard!

My task this week (apart from all of my uni work) was to take a self-portrait. They’re quite hard. Not only is it difficult to get good focus and timing, it’s hard to take one and not feel silly! I wanted to get a photo that showed what I’ve been doing lately with all of […]

Welcome 2011

Hey guys. Welcome to 2011. I hope you got to celebrate with friends or family – and I hope you didn’t start 2011 with a huge hangover (that would suck!). I wasn’t in the best of conditions to operate a camera when the fireworks started in Brisbane at midnight, but I took some shots to […]

E-Session: Amanda and Pete

It feels like only yesterday that Amanda was telling me that when Pete (finally) proposes, she would love to have me as her wedding photographer. This is a huge compliment. I love finding out that people enjoy my photos – people aren’t forced to say things like that, so when they do, it means a […]