Sam Jones. One sexy nugget.

You only need a few really, truly good friends in your life. The kind of friend that always tells you to harden up, and then drop what they’re doing to lend an ear when you’re at the corner of Struggle St and FML Boulevard. To me, Sam is one of those guys. Sam has already accomplished […]


Kwong is a brilliant lecturer. He taught me not not stir a cheesecake, and told me to put pingpong balls in my pocket. He predominately teaches first and second year medical students how to communicate – skills that are essential for survival in the hospital. He is also a medical doctor, has done a Ph.D, […]

Coach Craig

I had the pleasure of shooting my good friend Craig a couple of days ago. Craig is a business coach, specializing in tradesman, here on the Gold Coast at Black Belt Tradie. He has always been a hard-working, driven person, but I am truly impressed with the work he has done here on the Coast […]