GUMS Calendar

At the start of the year, I helped out with the annual Griffith University Medicine Society Calendar. Every year, the members of the GUMS board put together a calendar that has some of the important dates academic dates on, and sell it to students and admin staff for a nominal fee. I had an idea […]


Recently, Jas and I decided that we should get our eyes checked. Neither of us had significant symptoms; however, how do you know that your vision couldn’t be better if you have never had it checked? Furthermore, there are a few serious conditions that can be asymptomatic that can cause serious problems for your eyes […]

Meet Ms. Loveday

Blog, meet Kylie. Kylie is an actor. She’s also funny, kind and easy to hang out with. Kylie asked me to take some photos that she can use as headshots to send off with CVs and applications/auditions. I haven’t shot headshots before – I actually prefer shooting quite a bit wider, but I used the […]

Fair is fair

Jas and I visited the Gold Coast Fair this passed weekend. It was kinda spur of the moment, but when the idea came up, I instantly thought about completing my Strobist Boot Camp Project 3 there. I’m currently procrasti-blogging/procrasti-editing, but I wanted to share the experience of the day with you all. I shot a […]