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I love taking photos, especially when holidaying. I often take my camera with me, shoot a bunch of images, have grand plans to edit them/stitch them/print them, and then fall short after importing them to the computer. Part of the lack of motivation comes from having to sit at a computer instead of tackling home-owner-projects or getting outdoors. I’m sure I’m not the only one with the same feeling towards the post-exposure process.

Recently, I’ve stumbled across a suitable solution. It involves using Smart Previews in Lightroom and small catalogs to quickly edit images on my laptop while watching TV of an evening, or during breaks at work. With the photos largely edited on my laptop, I can re-import the edits to my desktop, check images on a calibrated monitor and export them for stomping (the process of making collages, resizing and sharpening) on the laptop again. It sounds like a lot of stuffing around, but with Dropbox, it’s really easy and efficient.

Anyway, enough of the n3rd chat. Here’s some pics.

My trip to Gladstone last year showed me that I need to explore so much more coastline than I already have. So much beauty.

After 5 weeks in Gladstone, it was so good to head home to Alyce and some local favourites.

I can’t believe we’re back into Whale season… that means these photos are about a year old and hadn’t seen daylight until now! If you haven’t been out on one the whale-watching boats, do yourself a favour and get a ticket during this years season. It’s a great half-day adventure and such a privilege to get so close to these giants.

Just sneaking off to Stradbroke for a long weekend… check out Alyce’s smile at the thought of that! And the photos show why.

A few photos lost from Christmas… Merry Christmas Harold!

More to come…

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