Turning 29!

Hey guys! It’s that time of year again – birthday week! I love birthdays. They are a damn good excuse to take some time out of your busy schedule for the things you love. This year, I was surprised with a relaxing and romantic weekend away before sharing a fun-filled afternoon with a riverside BBQ with the extended family.

Alyce organised a weekend away for us to relax for my birthday. We both had Friday off and managed to sneak down to Mt. Warning to relax in a cabin on a sprawling property. Our little place came complete with a lake and gazebo, outdoor spa, fireplace and hanging bed.

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We even snuck a little stop into Osteria on the way down… it was delicious. And we matched our own plates.

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It wasn’t all fine food and relaxation… Alyce had planned for us to climb Mt. Warning Saturday morning. We packed the car early and headed off, though we didn’t get far! A wild wind-storm the night before had blown a large tree across the driveway. Instead of waiting for it to be cleared, we decided to just walk the additional 4km (each way) to the start of the trek. The additional exercise made up for copious amounts of treats the following day, right?

Kris' Birthday-041Kris' Birthday-042Kris' Birthday-043Kris' Birthday-044Kris' Birthday-047Kris' Birthday-048

After a wonderful weekend at Mt. Warning, we headed back to Brisbane just in time for a BBQ in Orleigh Park, West End. The fam came together for riverside meats, snacks, lollies and of course, a ridiculous cake. This years cake was made by Alyce, and decorated by Dannielle while we were at Mt. Warning. What a team those two make! (I’ve snuck a photo below of the cake being made – it was choc-orange, complete with layers of Jaffa’s between the cakes, orange buttercream and orange syrup over a rich dark chocolate cake)

Kris' Birthday-051Kris' Birthday-052Kris' Birthday-053Kris' Birthday-055Kris' Birthday-056Kris' Birthday-057Kris' Birthday-058Kris' Birthday-065Kris' Birthday-067Kris' Birthday-068

I feel very grateful this year. I had a wonderful time with everyone, managed to catch up with family, got showered in kind comments by friends and even scored some beautifully thoughtful presents. Until next year…

Kris' Birthday-001

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