Moogerah Camping

Hey bloggy! I haven’t posted in a while, so I’ve got quite a few random photos/posts to dump. I spent last weekend camping with some of the fam and friends. It was organised well in advance but Alyce and I still rushed around trying to get all of our cooking and camping gear organised. We setup our brand new tent and tarp-mahal in less than an hour and quickly settled in to our camping chairs and some naughty treats. Liquorice before breakfast!? Jez and Yol came out for the weekend too. Jez towed the jetski out to the dam and gave us all a spin on the back which was great fun – I even managed to water ski after about a 10 year hiatus.

I completed a childhood goal and climbed Mt. Edward too. My uncle actually completed the climb while we were young and ‘got over it’ about half way up – he then proceeded to troll us about what you could see from the top. I joked with Cam that I wouldn’t tell him what you could see – but if you look closely in the pictures, you can see it too – you’re welcome!

Moogerah until Nov-37

Moogerah until Nov-40

Moogerah until Nov-41

Moogerah until Nov-70

Moogerah until Nov-69

Moogerah until Nov-66

Moogerah until Nov-61

Moogerah until Nov-60

Moogerah until Nov-59

Moogerah until Nov-57

Moogerah until Nov-52

Moogerah until Nov-50

Moogerah until Nov-51

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