2015 Photo Dump #1

We love living in Brisbane. There is always something on. And lots of awesome friends and family to hang out with. Alyce and I spend a lot of time exploring and I often just take a few photos that sit on an SD card for months and months. Here’s a dump of some photos from some weekend trips around Brissy and the Sunshine Coast. The highlight from these hightlights for me is probably the French toast at Kangaroo Point. Who wants to join us next time?

Moogerah until Nov-1Moogerah until Nov-3Moogerah until Nov-14Moogerah until Nov-15Moogerah until Nov-17Moogerah until Nov-19Moogerah until Nov-20Moogerah until Nov-21Moogerah until Nov-22Moogerah until Nov-28Moogerah until Nov-29Moogerah until Nov-31Moogerah until Nov-33Moogerah until Nov-6Moogerah until Nov-7Moogerah until Nov-9Moogerah until Nov-10Moogerah until Nov-36

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