NZ 2015: South Island – Dunedin to Tekapo

After the long drive from Te Anau out to Milford and back to Queenstown, Alyce and I enjoyed a few days skiing at the Remarkables. The Remarkables ski field is quite close to Queenstown and it’s equipped with quite a few steep slopes and a couple of fun jumps. We tried our best to get some air, and even managed to tackle some off-piste black runs that really challenged our slowly-improving-skills. We ate, drank and skied as much as we could for two days before moving on to Dunedin.

Dunedin is a cute little town on the south-east coast. It’s also home to the steepest street in the world. Unfortunately we missed the Jaffa race down the steepest street by a few weeks; but we did fit in a trip to the beach, checked out the town market and indulged on the Cadbury factory tour.


Look at Alyce go!

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The drive from Dunedin to Tekapo is another stunner. White-capped mountains sit on the horizon and vast empty plains spread out beside the road. That is, until you reach Lake Tekapo. I had to include some photos of us in this series so you can tell that they’ve had very little post-production work. Tekapo is actually one of four dark-field-sky-zones. On a clear night, you can even spot the aurora australis! Though we tried to stay up late to see it, we were not lucky enough to get a clear night and see it for ourself. But for the same reason, Tekapo is an ideal location for an observatory.
Ewww… kissing! Sorry guys!

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