Fine dining, art and riverside picnics

Alyce and I have been trying to make the most of our time off and have been getting out and about on weekends and public holidays. While the days aren’t very long, the weather has generally been spectacular. I haven’t been a puddle of sweat in weeks – happy days! Here’s a visual diary of our recent trips to Stokehouse, Southbank and GOMA. If you haven’t been for a while, the displays at the moment are pretty cool.

Bris Fun-1 Bris Fun-3 Bris Fun-4 Bris Fun-9 Bris Fun-12 Bris Fun-14 Bris Fun-15 Bris Fun-20 Bris Fun-21 Bris Fun-23 Bris Fun-24 Bris Fun-28 Bris Fun-29 Bris Fun-32 Bris Fun-33 Bris Fun-35 Bris Fun-36 Bris Fun-37 Bris Fun-38 Bris Fun-43 Bris Fun-47 Bris Fun-49 Bris Fun-51 Bris Fun-52

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  1. Great photos/art! Luv the elephant!

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