AQUA 2014 Conference

Hey guys - I hope everyone is well!  I finally had some time to put together a selection of photos from my recent trip to New Zealand for my visual diary.  Alyce and I attended the Annual Queenstown Update in Anaesthesia thanks to a most-expenses paid trip courtesy of the Commonwealth Government.  The conference was held at Millennium Hotel which is actually where we stayed.  We were a bit shocked by the room we had booked for us when we arrived, but we were lucky enough to get a free upgrade upon arrival!  Yay!  After checking in, we explored the beautiful Queenstown – how have I not been there before?  Queenstown is stunning!  I could not stop taking pictures.  And it wasn’t too cold either.

The conference itself was excellent!  It was really well organised and was a great balance of lectures and down-time.  Each morning started with breakfast in the lobby and a series of lectures leading us up until lunch.  After lunch, we were whisked away to enjoy the icy slopes of Coronet Peak.  We enjoyed some great food and wine at the conference dinner on the first evening, and I particularly loved watching the All Blacks smash Australia with my new New Zealand friends after the second day of the conference.  Even though we were the youngest (and not quite anaesthetists), everyone was really friendly and both Alyce and I left the conference having made some great connections and learning a tonne!

We loved exploring Queenstown.  I took a lot of pictures of the beautiful surroundings and plan to return at different times of the year to check out the landscapes.  I’m particularly keen to try the golf courses that are surrounded by the Remarkables!  Spectacular.

We also tried skiing for the first time too!  Surprisingly, we were both pretty darn good.  After only one afternoon on the slopes, we tackled all of the intermediate runs up on Coronet Peak.  We even had a go at night-skiing!  Please excuse the skiing photos – they were taken with a phone that was covered in condensation every time I went to use it!  I just didn’t have the confidence to take my nice new camera on the slopes.

To top the trip off, I took my new travel camera with me.  I picked up the Fuji X-T1 recently, and I am blown away by the camera.  It is a joy to use – I’ll do a review of it in good time, but if you’re interested in that camera, feel free to inbox me!

It was a hectic weekend away, but it was a lot of fun.  We’ll be back Queenstown.

Aqua_01 Aqua_03 Aqua_04 Aqua_05 Aqua_06 Aqua_07 Aqua_08 Aqua_21 Aqua_38 Aqua_22 Aqua_12 Aqua_16 Aqua_09 Aqua_17 Aqua_23 Aqua_26 Aqua_27 Aqua_10 Aqua_37 Aqua_13 Aqua_14 Aqua_28 Aqua_29 Aqua_43 Aqua_30 Aqua_31 Aqua_32 Aqua_33 Aqua_34 Aqua_35 Aqua_36 Aqua_20 Aqua_18 Aqua_19 Aqua_24 Aqua_25
Aqua_39 Aqua_40 Aqua_44 Aqua_45 Aqua_46 Aqua_15

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