Panoramic Tamworth

Hey guys. For the past two weeks I’ve been on placement down in Tamworth as part of the John Flynn placement program. The idea of the program is to allow students to experience life as a rural GP while building ties with a community they will hopefully return to when they graduate. Sitting in with experienced doctors is a lot of fun; I learn a lot of medicine and stuff that you can’t exactly learn in a textbook. The team that I work with is also full of really, really nice people – it makes coming home bitter-sweet. This year, I only took 2 lenses with me, neither of which was a wide angle, so I had the perfect opportunity to practice taking some panoramic shots. I have more photos from my placement to upload soon – but my motivation for wanting to write seems to be inversely proportional to the temperature. I uploaded the full res version of these shots in case any of you wanted to have a closer look around town – just click the image and the full version should load in your browser.

I stopped on the way down to grab this one – I’m not sure exactly where I was, but somewhere between Grafton and Armidale.

Here’s a school in Armidale that looked quite pretty.

While I was in Tamworth, I decided to head up to the summit. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to visit the summit last year, so it was high on my priorities for the trip down this year. It also helped that I had a car to get me quickly and easily to the top. My first visit was around midday as part of a big bush-walk – the second was to capture the last sunset of my placement. There was a wicked sunset the first night I was in Tamworth as bushfires in neighbouring towns threw dust particles in the air – they made for a very vibrant sunset! I grabbed a quick photo that I will upload with my next blog post.

Here’s my favourite pano from the trip – it was done with a 105mm lens and is actually a compilation of around 90. It is definitely worth a click!

Here’s the daylight shot. It was the first one I processed and could be done again… but this heat, ya’ know… motivation low.

The last few shots were taken as the sun dropped below the range. I couldn’t stop taking photos as the sky developed right in front of me. It was beautiful.

I tweaked the white balance in camera with this one to more accurately reflect the colours. The mountains were this blue in the distance!

Hopefully I find the motivation to do another blog post… I really want to share the stories with you all. I hope you guys are enjoying the heat! 🙂

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