Our holidays are slowly drawing to a close but on the up-side, I’m feeling refreshed and relaxed. I started my holidays with a haircut before heading out to have a drink with everyone at the end of exams party. When I say a drink, I actually mean, 1 drink – I nominated to drive as I was exhausted from exams and didn’t really want to start the holidays off with a mean hangover. The theme for the party was Safari, however, Jas and I were slack with costumes. We focused (probably too much) on exams and failed miserably at party-prep. The best dressed had to go to Sam the South African and Wet Nurse Janey – not sure how PC those costumes are, but A+ for effort guys!

Since we finished studying, we have been on a mission to catch up with everyone we’ve neglected. We’ve seen some friends and family, but it’s hard to coordinate with everyone – there are still a heap of people I am looking forward to catching up with soon. We have also tried our hardest to tie catch-ups into meals so we can check out more food and coffee around the place. We successfully organised a catch-up with Jas’ friends at Gunshop Cafe and another friend at Elk Espresso. We are going to breakfast together on Sunday (yay, a date!) and then we’re back to uni on Tuesday (bleugh!).

Oh, I also took some photos of Jas and Kylie paddling around on stand-up boards in the canal. They scored a scoupon deal months ago but have been unable to organise a time that suited each other and the guy who ran the show. I made some GIFs that I find hilarious of the girls paddling around – they might take a while to load, but I highly recommend waiting to see them (below).

It looks nice with the sun out, but it kept hiding behind clouds and dropping the temperature considerably – I was glad to be on dry land with a jumper on!

A quick stretch and warm-up, and the girls took to the water…

… to watch how it is done.


Standing! Woo hoo – Go girls!

From the beach, cornering looked quite hard… I was hoping for a few spills but the girls were quite steady on the boards.

Finally, Kylie got too confident and took a spill. (Haha not really – she knew I wanted to get a shot of someone falling off so she staged this one for me! – thanks Kylie!)

Here are the GIFs that I promised. I have some more of Jas paddling back and forth, but you get the picture 🙂
Jas paddling casually and Kylie catching up.

The girls enjoying the calm water and getting confident on the boards.

Jassie paddling into the Sun.

Following Jas with the camera.

That’s it for now interwebs. If you are one of my readers and haven’t let me know what your blog is, please add a comment below. I am getting bored with my current blogroll and would love to see what you guys are all up to. Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of my holidays.

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  1. I love the safari flanny! I am sure you both aced your exams, enjoy the (small) break!

    The photos (and gifs) look superb!

    1. Haha I had a monkey on my T-shirt.. that was safari enough! Thanks Sean!

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