Happy Birthday Matt!

A few weeks ago, Jas and I drove up to Brisbane mid-week to surprise my older brother, Matt, for his birthday.  His fiance, Emily, organised to get us all together while he was out having a golf lesson, without letting Matt know we were coming over.

Em went to pick Matt up from golf, giving us a 15 minute window to hide in the house and wait for them to return.  We had a few false alarms while waiting in the hallway – the trains passing the back of the house sounded a lot like the garage door opening.  But after waiting patiently, we all jumped out from the hallway just as we heard Matt unlocking the front door.  Needless to say, we surprised the heck out of him when he got home.

At first, Matt was petrified – but he calmed down when he realised we weren’t stealing his TV. Personally, I probably wouldn’t have taken it as well as Matt – a surprise birthday party probably isn’t what you are expecting after a big golf lesson.  I’m pretty sure he was expecting a relaxing night in – he definitely wasn’t expecting an ambush in his living room.

We all had a great night, enjoyed a delicious cake, indulged in Em’s excellent dinner and got together to celebrate the day. Oh, and we were home by 9pm! Here’s a delayed Happy Birthday buddy!   

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