Beach, light and a wicked moon-rise

Earlier today, I posted an image of the moon rising over the Pacific Ocean. It was beautiful. In fact, the whole afternoon was beautiful. Jas and I decided to take a break from assignment writing and walk on the beach. I still have stiff, tight legs from pilates, so I decided to bring my camera. I only had a 50mm lens – after all, my other lenses weigh a tonne – but I snapped away while the light was good. I took photos of Jas, the beach and the light filtering through the trees as the sun set behind the hills.

We almost forgot to look behind us to check the sunset as we walked back to the car. We would have missed the most amazing colours. They were so saturated, especially as the reflected off the wet sand. Unfortunately, a digital camera is still no match for our eyes, but the following have Daylight white balance and minimal edits – they still do not do justice for how amazing the sky was. Nevertheless, they’re worth sharing with you all.

As we turned around, I noticed the moon. It was glowing red and creeping over the ocean, almost as if it were embarrassed to have been caught resting, and not sitting high in the sky for us all to see.

Back to the assignments…

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