I know…

I haven’t really posted in a while – I’ve been busy with the rest of life, I guess.  It was my birthday last Saturday and I got spoiled by everyone around me.  I like to milk birthdays for about a month, two weeks at the minimum.  You can normally get a few days leading up to your birthday, depending on what day it falls on, and then a few weeks after – “hey, it was my birthday last weekend” – “oh, really?  Let me buy you a drink” – “YESssSSSsss”

(Housemate Jono’s camera collection)

I started off my birthday celebrations a few weeks ago when Jas got me a new camera bag.  I have been after a messenger-style bag for a while now, and I picked up a big Crumpler bag.  There is heaps of padding and support, and the bag is really comfortable.  I wouldn’t walk around all day with all of my gear on my shoulder, but it’s a good accompaniment to my backpack for that purpose – and I can change lenses without taking my bag off my shoulder!  WIN!  I then treated myself to an early present by purchasing some new toys from B&H.  I got two new softboxes (they will get their own blog, don’t worry), a monopod (mainly to take to Sydney) and some camera/monitor calibration tools by X-Rite.

I took a few quick tests with my small, 28″ softbox the other night with Jas, and the light is really beautiful coming out of it.  I can’t wait to test my 50″ box!  Here are some of the impromptu results.

We don’t have many interesting backgrounds in our place – it’s quite plain – but this light was fun to play with.

Last Friday, Jas then made a cake for us to take to work – it was blackberry buttermilk and it went down a treat.  Being the birthday boy, I got the leftover piece too 🙂  Friday went really quick for me, and before I knew it, I was at dinner at Tibetan Kitchen in West End with family and friends for a dinner celebration.  Everyone came out and enjoyed the deliciousness that is Tibetan food, and Jas surprised me with a home-baked passionfruit cheesecake – NB:  Cheesecake is my favourite – if you ever want me to do anything, get me a cheesecake and I’m yours!  After dinner, we went around the corner to Lychee Lounge for a quick drink and chat with mates, then home to bed fairly early.  Mum and Shirl kicked on until the wee-hours of the morning apparently – crazy!

The next few are of me trying to get Jas to laugh… here is the usual sequence of faces I get…

Saturday, my actual birthday, involved a big breakfast in bed (well, I was at my computer by the time it was done, but close enough) and a snuggle in the morning before going for a ride to pickup the car and then grabbing a nice coffee in West End at BlackStar Cafe.  Jas and I then went home to get ready for the nights festivities.  My housemate turned ‘old’ a few weeks ago, but because he had exams, he didn’t get a chance to celebrate, so we threw a little combined party (actually, I only invited a few people who weren’t coming to my family dinner), and themed it “Old as”.  Everyone was to come as an old person.

We were hoping for some noise complaints so that the managers would come up and tell us off, only to find a bunch of ‘oldies’ sitting around sipping ‘tea’ – or even better… oldies dancing on tables.  It didn’t happen, but it was a  fun night anyway.  We even got a chance to take the awkward family portrait that we have been planning – well, the first of many I hope.  We got inspiration from this website.

That’s all for now – more to come…

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  1. Those photos of your beautiful girlfriend are amazing. I love the huh? what the? shot the best, then the smile and the really big smile, it definitely captures expressions.
    Then the half face – I actually never noticed previously what gorgeous eyes Jas has.
    And Kris, wearing that tie, please do not tell anyone I am your Mum!!
    Love you both xxx

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